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Intermediate School:

Nicole Vingerhoeds, Principal
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Intermediate Sports
Intermediate Sports

There are many athletic opportunities offered to our Intermediate (Grades 7&8) students throughout the school year!

Practice calendars can be viewed on the Intermediate Calendar Page!

Our Intermediate sports program operates with several important philosophies:

1) We want to have students active and teach students how to be active for

     life. We schedule our sports so that there is very little overlap in practice

     times and game days, and encourage all students to be multi-sport athletes.

     There is a mountain of research that shows multiple benefits for youth who

     are multi-sport athletes. We also award students at our athletic 'banquet' at

     the end of the year based on how many Bronco sports they played. Last

     year our top multi-sport athlete played 9 sports!

2) Everyone of every ability can participate. We don't make 'cuts' at the 7/8

     level. We will add more practice slots, and more coaches if necessary.

     However, this does not mean that every athlete is entitled to participate in

     tournaments and games. Students need to practice consistently, and if they

     can't make it to practice then they need to communicate with their coaches.

     Students also need to receive their teachers' approval, based on their

     behaviour and effort in class.

Our athletics support our academics, and our academics support our athletics. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me anytime ( I will usually respond within 24hrs.