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Summer Programming
Summer Programming

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Summer Credit Programs- BBSS
Credit Recovery is open to students who have completed a course during the school year or semester, but have not successfully completed the curriculum expectations to a passing level. Students must meet this criteria and be referred to by the Student Success Team. Program runs from July 3 until July 20. Contact your summer teacher, Sarah Caldwell-Bennett at for more information.

Summer CO-OP credits provide students with the opportunity to catch up on missed credits and gain flexibility in regular course scheduling. It is available to any grade 9-12 students wishing to accumulate credits and work experience. Interested students should already have full time jobs and must complete orientation materials (that can be done at home). Program runs from July 3 to Aug. (end date to be communicated by summer teacher) at Manidoo. Contact your summer teacher, Chris MacNaughton at chris.macnaughton for more information. The summer CO-OP could consist of:
● 1 credit for a minimum of 110 hours of paid work
● 2 credits for a minimum of 220 hours of paid work


Connections Courses enable grade 9-12 students who have not been successful during the regular school year to obtain a credit by repeating the course, or for grade 9-12 students to take a new course. These courses are ideal for students who require nine (9) credits for graduation the upcoming year, or for students whose credit total is less than thirty (30) in the year they intend to graduate. It may also accommodate conflicts where courses are required for college or university entrance requirements, or students who wish to take additional courses of interest. Program runs from July 3 to Aug. 14, 2019 at Manidoo. Contact your summer teacher, Sarah Caldwell-Bennett at for more information.


The Reach-Ahead program provides an opportunity for grade 8-12 students to supplement and enrich their Secondary Education by acquiring a credit in the summer. Students interested in the Reach-Ahead program require Principal approval. Successful applicants will be contacted by the school.

There will be one course option for grade 8 students going into grade 9 (2019-2020):
Learning Strategies 1: Skills for Success in Secondary School , Grade 9, Open (GLS1O): This course focuses on learning strategies to help students become better, more independent learners. Students will learn how to develop and apply literacy and numeracy skills, personal management skills, and interpersonal and teamwork skills to improve their learning and achievement in school, the workplace, and the community. The course helps students build confidence and motivation to pursue opportunities for success in secondary school and beyond. Program runs from July 8-26, 2019 at Manidoo. Contact your summer teacher, Lowell Johnston at for more information.

To register for summer programs, please contact

Student Services 468-6401 ext.3161